January 23, 2011

Nimbus Completed

I completed Nimbus tonight, hooray! I spent Saturday afternoon seaming the pieces after blocking/drying last weekend, and decided to add the collar by picking up stitches and knitting on directly rather than seaming. I'm still not so great at seaming, but doing the shoulder seams, attaching the sleeves, and then finishing up the sides was really good practice.

 I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was fun to knit with size 11 needles and the Peruvia Quick yarn has such a nice feel and was great to work with. Now that I'm looking at the finished cardigan, I'm really glad I decided to make the bodice longer, it would've looked really silly on me had it been only 8" long.

As a finishing touch - a vintage red button from my personal collection. I love bright red with gray. Now I only hope it will get cold again here in sunny Southern California so I can get all cozied up in this cardigan. It will be in the 70F-80s all week!

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