December 19, 2011

Misty Leafy Lacey Scarf

I fell in love with the Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf which was featured in PurlSoho's 2010 calendar. The leaf pattern is indeed very lovely!

Instead of cashmere (because who has the luxury of knitting with cashmere nowadays?) I am using Caron Naturally Spa Yarn in Misty Taupe. It's a really beautiful color with a bit of sheen (acrylic/bamboo blend). It's also very soft and drapey which I think would work with the leafy pattern quite well.

I didn't want to make the scarf too wide, so I cast on one less repeat. It's been so long since I knitted in lace, so I took a while to get used the leaf pattern, but it should be a lovely gift next holiday season!

November 3, 2011

Bamboo Diamond Shell Completed

Wearing my own hand-knitted sweater!

Oh my goodness, I finally finished the Bamboo Diamond Shell. A year and seven months in the making (okay, I knitted it off and on and put it away for months and months), I finally decided to wear it for the first time today since it was a mild mid-70F day in Los Angeles. The Valley Yarns Southwick bamboo cotton blend (from WEBS/ kept me nice and warm and it felt really comfortable against my skin too. I love the retro styling! And the button is vintage too! I scored it at one of my favorite flea markets and have been saving it for years to go with the perfect garment.

I actually had all the pieces (collar, bodice, and waist band) finished for months and just couldn't bring myself to seam them together. And that said, if you ever see me wear this in person, please don't look too closely at the seams! I really need to get myself to a "finishing school" or class one of these days.

I actually wore this to work today. It always feels a little awkward/funny wearing something I knitted, but dang it, it's something I made! I'm a knitter and I'm proud. ;)

Can you believe we have 50 more knitting days until Christmas?! This year has gone by way too fast. I've only done three projects for myself (so many more in the queue!) but I have to start knitting holiday gifts soon!

The pattern is "Bamboo Diamond Shell" from Boutique Knits. I love this book!

October 6, 2011

Babies Babies and More Babies

It's been a while since my last update, but I am still knitting! I have done lots and lots of doll dresses (which I still love doing, even after 20+ of them), and lately I've been making baby sweaters. A few months ago, I found out that three of my friends at work are expecting! So of course I had to take the opportunity to take on some knitting projects.

The first cardi is the popular February Baby Sweater for M. She loved it and got a little verklempt at her baby shower. :) I used Gedifra Extra Soft Merino in a pale pink. It really is so very soft and perfect for a baby! The shank buttons are vintage. M's colors are pink and brown. She had her baby girl on 9/10/11!

February 10, 2011

My Kind of Valentine

Ooh! Nothing says love better to knitter/yarn aficionado than a giant heart-shaped box full of yarn. Who needs chocolate? :)

(via CraftZine)

January 23, 2011

Nimbus Completed

I completed Nimbus tonight, hooray! I spent Saturday afternoon seaming the pieces after blocking/drying last weekend, and decided to add the collar by picking up stitches and knitting on directly rather than seaming. I'm still not so great at seaming, but doing the shoulder seams, attaching the sleeves, and then finishing up the sides was really good practice.

 I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It was fun to knit with size 11 needles and the Peruvia Quick yarn has such a nice feel and was great to work with. Now that I'm looking at the finished cardigan, I'm really glad I decided to make the bodice longer, it would've looked really silly on me had it been only 8" long.

As a finishing touch - a vintage red button from my personal collection. I love bright red with gray. Now I only hope it will get cold again here in sunny Southern California so I can get all cozied up in this cardigan. It will be in the 70F-80s all week!

January 10, 2011

A Nimble Start

Happy 2011! I decided my very first project of the year will be Nimbus from Berroco Design Studio! I've had Nimbus in my queue for SO long. The style is really cute, classy and understated and everything that I love - I just wasn't sure if I wanted to buy any more yarn or use what I already have.

Well, I dropped by my LYS a few weeks ago and got to touch & feel Peruvia Quick, and that pretty much sealed the deal for me. It's lofty, warm and plush yet it felt light and not itchy at all! Of course, being from Berroco, Peruvia Quick had all sorts of delicious shades, and I was really tempted by the Aquamarina, Mostaza, and the Bing Cherry, but in the end I opted for something more neutral and versatile, the Gris Marengo which was the color used in the sample photo.

The pattern calls for size 11 needles - I hadn't knitted anything bulky in so long that when I started, it was going so quickly! I finished the back piece in a few days, adding a few more inches to the length of the bodice because I don't like tops that are too short, and I finished the right front and left front over the weekend. This week I'm starting the sleeves. So far it's going very well and the pattern is easy to follow. I hope I will finish before winter ends here in Southern California!

Here's to a prolific and fruitful 2011!