November 4, 2010

Presto Chango

Yes, I am knee-deep in baby sweaters! I'm just knitting them one after another and happily doing so. I think this is the 5th(?) baby sweater I've made this year. It just gives me so much joy and satisfaction to be able to give something special that I've made by hand.

This was a new pattern I decided to try, Presto Chango (I know it's "change-oh" but I keep wanting to say "chang-goh"!) by Valerie Wallis, published at Jimmy Bean's Wool. It's a FREE pattern by the way! Such a nice and quick knit, and the leaf pattern in the front is so delicate and so pretty.

I took the liberty of improvising a hat to go with the sweater - just did leaf panels in multiples of 16, then decreased in multiples of 8. Easy and fun!

The yarn used is di.VÉ Zenith in Mariner's Green, and I found THE perfect bright red vintage buttons to go with them at one of my frequent flea marketing trips. These two bright colors are meant to be together. :)

I'm currently knitting another Presto Chango, but in a much muted color. Hope it turns out just as cute as this one!

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