December 31, 2009

2009 Project Recap

There are a few of my favorite knitting projects from 2009. Some are still WIP and will extend into 2010. I have SO many projects I want to start, but I will try my best to finish some first!

I feel like I've improved as a knitter in 2009. I did more lace work, beginning with Elizabeth Zimmermann's February baby sweater (hats & sweaters), started on a leafy lace cardigan, made a few sweaters as gifts, and finally started cables in December on a vest for my mom. I've discovered that I really don't like seaming so raglan is the way to go for now. Maybe I won't mind it a few years from now!

I haven't been posting any in-progress photos because I didn't want to ruin holiday surprises for the people receiving knitting items for Christmas. Now that everyone has gotten their gifts, I will be posting more photos in 2010 :)

Happy new year & happy knitting!

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