February 7, 2009

Branching Out

Okay, I'm not actually knitting Branching Out, but I'm really trying to branch out from knitting to crocheting! After talking about it for a few years (and accumulating quite a few books), I finally decided to take the plunge and tried my hand at crochet! Here's the very first thing I tried, a little flower. I'm surprised it actually came out looking like a flower!

There are some knitters who pooh-pooh on crocheters, and I've had crocheters come up to me and my friends at a cafe and make comments on how crocheting is better than knitting(!). One thing's for sure - craftspeople sure are passionate about their craft. I guess I am a knitter by nature, but you won't see me put crocheters down - I think crocheting is amazing! There are so many things you can do with crocheting that just isn't the same with knitting, and I want to try it all, especially amigurumi! I'm an equal-opportunity crafter :)

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