June 15, 2008

Baby Love

This is the (nearly) finished baby cardigan. It just needs buttons and the ends weaved in. I can't believe I actually made my first human-sized sweater! There are a few booboos here and there but I'm really glad it turned out okay - I was picturing a sweater with three sleeves or something ;) The only problem is, I made it to fit Baby Natalie at six months, and er, she is six months now and it's the middle of the summer. *smacks forehead* So I've started another one in a really pretty light lime green. I think it'll end up being size 18 months and it'll be a good Christmas gift. I don't know what I'm going to do with this cardi though. Oops. The pattern for the cardigan is available for free at Knitting on the Net.

June 5, 2008

Baby Knits

I finally decided to be brave and venture into people-sized knitting after over four years at it. I know, I'm slow. It was after trying the piglet that something sort of clicked in my head, and strange algebraic formula-like knitting patterns started to make a little more sense. Of course, I can't do big-people knitting yet - with my patience I'll probably never finish the project. But baby-size knitting! That seems more manageable for now. I decided to get this really sweet pale lilac Italian yarn to make something for my niece Natalie. It's my sister's favorite color, hopefully the sweater will fit the little one. I'm really excited about making a bunch of baby sweaters now. I almost want a little one so I can dress them up in cute knitted garments. LOL. Do you recommend her books to a knitting pattern novice like me? Let me know!