December 21, 2007

Lunch n' Stitch

I guess I should start my first December entry with one fun and positive thing that I've done this month! I helped start a very small knitting/needle arts group at work. We meet in the new lunch room once a week for an hour to knit and chat. It's only been a few weeks and we're only getting started, but I'm getting more stuff done and I feel newly inspired again. Last week I showed my co-worker Meggie how to do a rib stitch, and this week she came with a finished scarf! At our lunch today she was putting on the finishing touches (tassels) on the said ribbed scarf. I was so proud of her. :) She was so thrilled about her progress that she is now attempting a lace pattern.

I find it so fascinating how much one's personality comes through when it comes to knitting or any type of crafting. It took me months to go from knit to purl, and YEARS before I attempted knitting in the round. Only last year did I pick up a lace pattern after having knitted for 3 years. I simply had to do the basics well (and have confidence in the way I work) before I even tried something new. Meggie just picked projects up without fear and ran with it all!

One of my 2007 resolutions wishes was to learn how to crochet. I bought myself Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker (it's such a GREAT book with great stitches, patterns and cute illustrations just like the original SnB!) back in May but never cracked it open because I never had the time. :\ Not being much of a book-learner (yeah I know *some of you* who know me well are snickering), I got as far as making a chain stitch and was pretty much lost after that. But today! My friend Yvonne happened to decide to drop in on our stitching group and gave me a quick demo - and now I know how to do single crochet! Go me! *LOL* She also showed us how to crochet in circle. Now that part, I didn't quite catch on, but I'm sure once I get my tension and hook wielding down correctly, I'll be able to do that soon too. Now I feel totally inspired about needle arts again. I had been working on a lace scarf for nearly a YEAR and feeling quite dejected, but both Yvonne and Meggie were totally sweet and encouraging. Now I need to finish it so I can start a new project!

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