December 11, 2004

Gettin' Knitty

I remember about a year ago, quite a few online craftsy gals were knitting all these beautiful and amazing creations. as envious and awestruck as I was, I thought knitting was just not my cup of tea because it just took too long. Being used to making jewelry with beads and wires, I can make a finished piece in less than an hour, and being a person with little patience and attention span, I figured if I was to ever try knitting, I might as well knit things like coasters or tea towels which wouldn't take as long!

But as much as I tried to avoid it, the knitting bug bit me. After seeing everyone get into it and how much enjoyment they were getting out of it, I decided to pick up my first pair of knitting needles and give it a go. It was very unsuccessful to say the least, because I picked a very thin, hard-to-see yarn and was using a pair of slippery aluminum needles. After a few weeks, I abandoned my half-finished towel scarf and declared defeat.

A few months later, I decided to give it another try, this time using plastic needles and a yarn that was much easier to see. I had a goal too, which was to give the scarf to my sis for her birthday (in July, haha). I was doing okay despite having picked thin yarn again (it's a very soft acrylic because she doesn't like anything that itches), but it soon got too warm to knit, so I stopped again. It really got quite discouraging when I would sit there for hours and only have an inch or two added on to my scarf.

When winter came around, I picked up the unfinished scarf dejectedly. It was only about 6 inches long. would I be able to finish it before the holidays and give it to her for Christmas? I was about to give up again and stop knitting for good, but my friends encouraged me to keep at it. it was about 12 inches long around thanksgiving, and now it's approximately 30 inches long. this is the longest I've ever done a scarf, and aside from it being good practice, I also learned a few lessons. Next time, I would definitely make the scarf a lot less wide. When casting on, I totally didn't think about how much it would look like all knitted up. And of course, I would use a yarn with more hefty weight and stick with needles no less than sz 10. I'm currently using size 7 needles and I believe it is 32 stitches across. :O as I keep on knitting, I realize I still have so much to learn about the fine art of knitting. I especially need to work on my tension control as my stitches are still very uneven and novice-looking.

I know it's still a very slim chance I'll finish my sister's scarf before the holidays, but she is actually going on vacation and will spend Christmas with my Grandma overseas and won't be back until the 30th. I've come too far to give up now. think it's possible to do another 2.5 ft before she comes back? ;P

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