March 21, 2004

First Real Scarf in Progress

I started knitting again. I gave my friend Yvonne a knitting kit for her birthday last month, and a few days ago I finally had time to show her how to slipknot/cast-on/knit stitch. Since I needed to show her the beginning process, I started another scarf, hehe. Yes I know it's another super-thin yarn, but I'm planning to give this to my sister and that's one of her favorite colors - plus it's Lionbrand Micro Spun so it's super soft and can be machine-washed. All purl stitch so far (I don't know why but I think I'm one of the few that actually LIKE the purl stitch!), and this time around it is much easier to see! And I'm not doing any sort of ribbing, so no squinting at fuzzy yarn and counting my stitches! It's much more enjoyable this time around, I was even able to knit on the drive down to the beach.

I know you guys are probably thinking, "see, Linda! I told you so!" LOL.

Yvonne was a total natural and picked things up really quickly. By the time I left her, she was already on her 4th row! It took me, oh, a week to learn all that basic stuff. Before I left, she asked, "Um Linda? How do you finish the last row when you're done with the scarf?"

I laughed and said, "Oh! I know it's called 'binding-off,' but I haven't learned that part yet."

Oops. I make a terrible knitting instructor!

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